How to choose a cleaning company

Following these guidelines helps to ensure the positive experience you hope for when enlisting a cleaning service; that is, excellent service, quick communication, attentiveness to your needs, and peace of mind that the care of your facility is in good hands.


How long has the company been providing service for? A company that is just starting out will not be able to match the service of a company that has been providing service in a community for decades. A great deal of knowledge is accumulated over time in cleaning techniques, customer service, and training of staff—and the difference shows. Sunset Quality Cleaning has been operating in Waterloo Region for over 30 years!


Experience should be matched with references. Long-term experience is not valuable unless backed up by happy, long-term customers that can vouch for a company’s service record. Please speak to us about seeing references from our satisfied customers, many who have been with Sunset Quality Cleaning for over 10 years and counting!

Structure & Locality:

Consider the structure of the company you are going with. Is it a large corporation, where you will only meet a representative once when they give an estimate and then never see them again? When you wish to communicate with them, will they be personally invested and informed about your needs and the service at your place of business? Sunset Quality Cleaning is a local, family-run business. We live in the area that we serve and are always available to come for site visits, even on short notice.


Make sure you choose a company that is fully insured and bonded (to a sufficient amount) and covered by WSIB, for the safety and security of your company and facility. Sunset Quality Cleaning is insured & bonded with a $5,000,000 policy, as well as WSIB-covered.

Supplies & Equipment:

Before you hire a company, inquire about the supplies and equipment they use. Are they dedicated to green cleaning supplies? Do they buy local products? Do they have the best equipment available on the market? Looking into this beforehand helps ensure the use of environmentally responsible products, and the right equipment that will get the job done. Sunset Quality Cleaning is dedicated to the use of eco-friendly products and advanced equipment, as well as continual research into new and better products.


How are the staff selected and trained? Is there a high turnover rate, or can you expect a continually high standard from one cleaner or team? At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we understand that the key to our success is our people, and we treat them accordingly. We have an extremely low turnover rate for the industry, and many husband/wife/family teams that have been with us for over ten years. Our staff is remunerated according to performance, and so our cleaners are personally invested & motivated to provide excellent service, and they take pride in their work!