How Professional Cleaning Services Can Extend the Life of Your Office Furniture

Maintaining an office is more than just ensuring the workspace looks presentable; it’s also about preserving the longevity of your investments, particularly your office furniture. At Sunset Quality Cleaning, your local Kitchener-Waterloo cleaning service, we understand the critical role that regular cleaning plays in extending the life of your office furniture. Here’s how routine maintenance can protect your investment and create a healthier, more productive work environment.

Prevents Wear and Tear

Daily use of office furniture subjects it to significant wear and tear. Desks, chairs, and tables are frequently touched, moved, and used, leading to gradual deterioration. Regular cleaning helps prevent this by removing dirt, dust, and grime that can cause surfaces to become scratched and worn. By keeping your furniture clean, you reduce the friction and abrasion that contribute to its aging.

Protects Against Stains and Spills

In a busy office, accidental spills are inevitable. Coffee, tea, and food stains can cause permanent damage if not addressed promptly. Regular cleaning ensures that any spills are quickly and effectively dealt with, preventing stains from setting in and becoming harder to remove. At Sunset Quality Cleaning, our team uses specialized cleaning solutions designed to tackle tough stains without harming the upholstery material.

Enhances Air Quality

Dust and allergens can accumulate on office furniture, leading to poor indoor air quality. This not only affects the health of your employees but can also cause dust mites and other pests to infest your furniture. Regular cleaning eliminates these particles, promoting a healthier workspace and preserving the condition of your furniture. Cleaner air means fewer health issues among staff, leading to increased productivity and reduced sick days.

Maintains Aesthetic Appeal

The appearance of your office plays a crucial role in creating a positive impression on clients and visitors. Dirty, worn-out furniture can reflect poorly on your business. Regular cleaning keeps your furniture looking new and well-maintained, ensuring your office always looks its best. This attention to detail can boost employee morale, as a clean and pleasant environment fosters a more enjoyable working atmosphere.

Extends Longevity

Quality office furniture is a significant expense, and regular cleaning can help maximize this investment. By preventing damage, reducing wear and tear, and maintaining a fresh appearance, you extend the functional life of your furniture. In short, this means fewer replacements and repairs, ultimately saving your business money in the long run. Check out this article that expands on this topic: How Steam Cleaning Enhances the Longevity of Your Furniture


At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we are committed to providing top-notch cleaning services to businesses in Kitchener-Waterloo. Our expertise in maintaining office environments ensures that your furniture remains in excellent condition, enhancing the overall look and feel of your workspace. Contact us today at 519-725-3232 to learn more about our comprehensive cleaning services and how we can help you protect your investment.


A Clean Workplace: Boosting Employee Productivity and Morale

Welcome to our Sunset Quality Cleaning blog! In this article, we’ll explore how the cleanliness of your workplace can significantly influence your team’s performance and well-being. We’ll also showcase how Sunset Quality Cleaning can help you maintain an immaculate workspace that fosters a positive work environment.The connection between cleanliness and productivity:A clean workplace isn’t just about aesthetics; it has a direct correlation with employee productivity. Research has shown that employees in well-maintained, organized offices tend to be more focused and efficient. Here’s how Sunset Quality Cleaning can support this:1. Dust and Allergen Control: Our thorough cleaning services eliminate dust and allergens, creating a healthier environment that reduces sick days and increases overall productivity.2. Restroom Hygiene: Clean and sanitized restrooms are crucial for employee well-being. Our expert cleaning teams ensure that these areas remain pristine.

3. Disinfection of frequent-touch areas: Doorknobs, light switches, and some office equipment may be touched by hundreds of people in a day. Disinfection of these items can reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria (High-touch areas in offices).

doorknob disinfection

Improving Employee Morale:A clean workplace isn’t only about getting more work done; it also significantly impacts employee morale. When employees step into a clean and fresh office each day, they feel valued and motivated. Here’s how Sunset Quality Cleaning contributes to employee morale:1. A Positive First Impression: A clean office leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees, demonstrating your commitment to a healthy and pleasant workspace.2. Health and Well-Being: A clean workplace reduces the risk of illnesses, promoting a healthier, happier team.3. Stress Reduction: A tidy office helps reduce stress levels, enabling employees to concentrate on their tasks without the distractions of an unclean environment.

office disinfection

How Sunset Quality Cleaning Can Help:Sunset Quality Cleaning is your trusted partner for maintaining a clean workplace in Kitchener-Waterloo. Our dedicated team of professionals employs the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure your office space is spotless and welcoming.1. Customized Cleaning Plans: We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, providing a cleaning plan that suits your business. We serve a wide breadth of different facilities, from commercial offices to daycares and places of worship (Facilities we Service) Each client is different and we work hard to serve their specific needs! 2. Experienced Staff: Our experienced cleaners are trained to handle all types of commercial spaces, ensuring top-notch cleanliness every time. We have extremely low turnover rates compared to our competitors–some of our staff have been with us for 20+ years.3. Eco-Friendly Practices: We’re committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly cleaning products, promoting a healthier and greener environment.

eco friendly logoConclusion:A clean workplace is not merely a luxury; it is a necessity for businesses looking to enhance productivity and employee morale. Sunset Quality Cleaning is here to help you achieve this goal. Contact us today to discover how our cleaning services can transform your Kitchener-Waterloo workplace into a hub of productivity and positivity. Your employees and your business will undoubtedly benefit from our dedication to cleanliness.

Post-Construction Cleanup in Kitchener Waterloo

Are you planning a commercial construction or renovation project in Kitchener-Waterloo? Congratulations on taking steps to enhance your workspace! However, once the dust settles and the final nail is hammered, there’s a crucial task that can’t be overlooked: post-construction cleanup. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of post-construction cleaning and how Sunset Quality Cleaning, your local Kitchener-Waterloo commercial cleaning experts, can help you get your space ready for business.

post-construction cleanup

The Importance of Post-Construction Cleanup:

Post-construction cleaning is a critical step in the process of transforming your commercial space. It goes beyond just removing debris; it ensures that your space is safe, healthy, and aesthetically appealing for both employees and customers. Here’s why it matters:

1. Safety: Construction sites leave behind hazards like nails, screws, and other sharp objects. Proper cleanup minimizes the risk of accidents.2. Health: Dust and debris can linger in the air and on surfaces, potentially causing respiratory issues. Thorough cleaning helps create a healthier indoor environment.3. First Impressions: A clean, polished space leaves a positive impression on clients, customers, and employees. It sets the tone for your business’s professionalism.4. Longevity: Cleaning after construction helps extend the lifespan of your fixtures, flooring, and surfaces by removing potentially damaging particles.


Sunset Quality Cleaning’s Expertise:

When it comes to post-construction cleanup in Kitchener-Waterloo, Sunset Quality Cleaning stands out as your trusted partner. Here’s why you should consider their services:1. Local Knowledge: As a local company, they understand the specific needs and regulations of Kitchener-Waterloo businesses. Review our testimonials here to see what some of our long-term clients have to say: Sunset Quality Cleaning Testimonials2. Experience: With years of experience, Sunset Quality Cleaning knows the ins and outs of post-construction cleaning, ensuring a comprehensive job. Review this article to explore some of the well-known construction cleaning best practices: 10 tips for effective post-construction cleaning3. Custom Solutions: They tailor their cleaning services to your space, addressing unique challenges and requirements.4. Eco-Friendly Approach: Sunset Quality Cleaning is committed to eco-friendly practices, using safe and sustainable cleaning products.5. Timeliness: They work efficiently to minimize downtime for your business, getting you back on track sooner.


post-construction cleanup



Don’t underestimate the importance of post-construction cleanup in your space of business. It’s a crucial step in ensuring the safety, health, and professionalism of your employees and customers. Trust Sunset Quality Cleaning to provide expert, local, and customized cleaning solutions for your business. Contact them today to get your space ready for business, and enjoy the benefits of a pristine workspace that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and employees.

Green Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Solutions for Commercial Spaces

In today’s world, sustainability and environmental responsibility are more important than ever. As businesses aim to reduce their carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices, one area that often gets overlooked is commercial cleaning. Traditional cleaning products can contain harmful chemicals that negatively impact both the environment and human health. This is where green cleaning comes into play.

The Rise of Green Cleaning

Green cleaning, also known as eco-friendly or sustainable cleaning, is a practice that prioritizes the use of products and methods that are safe for the environment, as well as the health of building occupants. It’s a responsible choice that aligns with the growing awareness of our impact on the planet.

At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we strive to meet the highest standards in eco-friendliness. We are transparent with our customers and work together with them to create a materials plan suited to each space:

eco-friendly logo

Benefits of Green Cleaning

1. Environmental Benefits   Reduced Chemical Pollution: Traditional cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals that can find their way into the environment, harming aquatic life and soil quality. Green cleaning products are biodegradable and less harmful to ecosystems.   – Lower Carbon Footprint: Eco-friendly cleaning methods and products are typically produced with a smaller environmental footprint. This includes reduced energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation. 2. Health Benefits   – Improved Indoor Air Quality: Conventional cleaning products can release harmful fumes that affect indoor air quality. Green cleaning products are typically low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can reduce respiratory issues and allergies.

   – Safer for Cleaning Staff: Green cleaning products are less likely to cause skin irritations or respiratory problems for cleaning staff, making it a healthier choice for the people who work with them daily.

man uses spray for cleaning


Green Cleaning Practices for Commercial Spaces

1. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Look for cleaning products that are certified by reputable organizations such as Green Seal or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These products are designed to be environmentally friendly.2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: Replace disposable paper towels with reusable microfiber cloths. They are highly effective at trapping dirt and require fewer chemicals to clean.3. Reduce Packaging Waste: Buy cleaning products in bulk to reduce packaging waste. Refillable dispensers are also a sustainable choice. At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we source our products in bulk locally from our partners, GT French Paper: Energy-Efficient Equipment: Choose energy-efficient cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners and floor buffers, to minimize electricity consumption. At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we use top-of-the-line equipment that has been designed for maximum performance and efficiency. 5. Training and Education: Ensure your cleaning staff is trained in green cleaning practices to maximize the effectiveness of your eco-friendly initiatives.

floor scrubber

Making the Switch

Transitioning to eco-friendly cleaning practices in your commercial space is not only environmentally responsible but also a step toward creating a healthier and more sustainable workspace. It demonstrates your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a safer environment for your employees and customers.At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we understand the importance of green cleaning. Our team is dedicated to providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions that meet the highest environmental and health standards. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make the switch to green cleaning for your commercial space.Together, we can contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

eco friendly planet icon

Spring into cleaning!

Spring is here! What does this mean for cleaning?

Flowers in snow


After a typically long winter in Waterloo Region, we are all looking forward to the warmer weather arriving. Unfortunately, the spring season comes with constant weather fluctuations that can spell trouble for the cleanliness of office environments.


Below are some of the things to look out for when the spring season rolls in:


Ice storms are frequent during the Ontario spring season. As a result, city and building managers need to keep sidewalks and entrances safe with large quantities of salt. Of course, the salt does not stay put, and large amounts are tracked inside. This results in build up of salt granules as well as floor stains from water containing salt.

Thankfully, at Sunset Quality Cleaning we have state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to remove salt/salt stains and get your office looking its best! Ask us about our industrial vacuums, automated floor scrubbers, and winter detergent solutions. Whether you need office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, clinic cleaning, or other commercial cleaning, we have you covered!



The April showers which bring May flowers also turn grassy areas into thick mud. Mud is tracked over carpets and floors, leaving formerly pristine areas in need of a tune-up.

At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we offer affordable, tailored cleaning plans to keep your space looking its best. Our specialty services include floor refinishing and steam carpet cleaning. We are commercial building upkeep specialists!


Post-winter clean-up

Sometimes, the damage done to a space after the difficult winter weather is most evident when spring arrives. Carpets often get salt build-up over the long-term, especially if they are not regularly maintained.

We offer steam cleaning services to our clients. Try it today, and get your space looking brand new again!


Call us today at (519) 725-3232!


Day Porter Services Available

Day Porter Service in Kitchener-Waterloo

Does your company occupy a large building with many employees? Are there visitors and valued clientele streaming in and out all day?

If so, after-hours cleaning services may not be enough! Have you considered customized day porter services?

Sunset Quality Cleaning Inc. offers day porter services for busy facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, public buildings, and companies with a large number of employees. In addition to routine cleaning carried out by our cleaning staff after-hours, a day porter will ensure a clean and professional appearance of your premise all day long.

Our management team will work with you to customize a plan that suits your needs.

Day porters can be:

  • Working daily, or certain days a week, for the number of hours requested


  • On-call for emergency day-time cleaning

Sunset’s day porters are background-checked, insured and uniformed with ID badges to ensure they represent our clients with the highest courtesy and professionalism.


A day porter will carry out different tasks following a customized schedule and will provide an added layer of security and professionalism to your facility. Those tasks include, and are not limited to the following:

  • Litter Removal
  • Cleaning Entrances, Lobbies & Traffic Areas
  • Washroom Cleaning & Restocking
  • Availability for incidents such as spills, floods, etc.
  • Window Washing

Give us a call today for a free day porter estimate! (519) 725-3232

Car Dealership Cleaning

Looking for a professional cleaning company to service your car dealership?

Look no further!

Sunset Quality Cleaning has extensive experience partnering with auto dealerships in Waterloo Region. We help our K-W clients put their best image forward to the customers visiting their showroom. Customers expect a luxury, high-end environment when purchasing a vehicle. This means every corner of the dealership must be as spotless and shiny as the cars on display!

Sunset Quality Cleaning has developed special techniques for maintaining the streak-free shine of the reflective ceramic floors that are a staple of most car showrooms. We understand that a high level of attention to detail must be paid not only in the showroom itself, but also in employee offices, washrooms and everywhere else a client might visit.

Car dealership cleaning requires professionalism, attentiveness, and techniques learned through experience. With Sunset Quality Cleaning’s 30+ years of experience, long-term staff members, and meticulous oversight of operations, your auto dealership will be in good hands.

Contact us today for a free estimate at (519) 725-3232 or [email protected]!

Why we don’t franchise

The search for a cleaning company to service your offices can be overwhelming. There are many options out there, and hiring a company you can trust is paramount. What is the difference between one company and another? How do you know which to choose?

From one business to another, we at Sunset Quality cleaning wish to relay the difference that a local, family-owned and operated business can provide.

Continuity of service and the establishment of long-term goals with our clients are our chief priority. We do not participate in janitorial franchising, a practice where companies acquire client contracts for the lowest possible price and then turn around to sell them to other parties.

Why we don’t franchise:

  • Franchising does not encourage high quality, long-term business relationships.

A franchising company will send a sales representative to meet you at your office and do a walk-through, giving the impression that you are choosing that person to service your account. However, after the initial meeting, you will likely never see that same representative. The franchisor will sell your account to other parties that are unknown to you.

  • The franchisor’s goal is not aligned with your goals as a client.

For the franchisor, there is an immediate benefit in selling the contract to their franchisee, often for thousands of dollars. This sale is the main source of revenue for the franchisor, and often leads to underbidding on the contract simply to get it. Continuity of service is only a secondary concern for the franchisor. Additionally, franchisors have an agreement with franchisees that they must replace a contract if it is lost. As a result, further underbidding on contracts occurs. The franchisor’s obligation to the franchisee is the main objective—not the service to the client.

The Sunset Quality Cleaning Difference

Martin Mysicka, the company’s founder, or one of his immediate family members, will come and meet you for the walk-through. If you choose our company, we will personally service your account for its duration. We make regular quality control visits to your site, easily accessible from our office in Kitchener-Waterloo.  In this way, we provide continuity of care to our clients and the opportunity to develop lasting, meaningful business relationships.

 Contact us at (519) 725-3232 or [email protected] for more information or to request a quote. Take care in your choice of company. With Sunset Quality Cleaning, you can trust you are in good hands.


How to choose a cleaning company

Following these guidelines helps to ensure the positive experience you hope for when enlisting a cleaning service; that is, excellent service, quick communication, attentiveness to your needs, and peace of mind that the care of your facility is in good hands.


How long has the company been providing service for? A company that is just starting out will not be able to match the service of a company that has been providing service in a community for decades. A great deal of knowledge is accumulated over time in cleaning techniques, customer service, and training of staff—and the difference shows. Sunset Quality Cleaning has been operating in Waterloo Region for over 30 years!


Experience should be matched with references. Long-term experience is not valuable unless backed up by happy, long-term customers that can vouch for a company’s service record. Please speak to us about seeing references from our satisfied customers, many who have been with Sunset Quality Cleaning for over 10 years and counting!

Structure & Locality:

Consider the structure of the company you are going with. Is it a large corporation, where you will only meet a representative once when they give an estimate and then never see them again? When you wish to communicate with them, will they be personally invested and informed about your needs and the service at your place of business? Sunset Quality Cleaning is a local, family-run business. We live in the area that we serve and are always available to come for site visits, even on short notice.


Make sure you choose a company that is fully insured and bonded (to a sufficient amount) and covered by WSIB, for the safety and security of your company and facility. Sunset Quality Cleaning is insured & bonded with a $5,000,000 policy, as well as WSIB-covered.

Supplies & Equipment:

Before you hire a company, inquire about the supplies and equipment they use. Are they dedicated to green cleaning supplies? Do they buy local products? Do they have the best equipment available on the market? Looking into this beforehand helps ensure the use of environmentally responsible products, and the right equipment that will get the job done. Sunset Quality Cleaning is dedicated to the use of eco-friendly products and advanced equipment, as well as continual research into new and better products.


How are the staff selected and trained? Is there a high turnover rate, or can you expect a continually high standard from one cleaner or team? At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we understand that the key to our success is our people, and we treat them accordingly. We have an extremely low turnover rate for the industry, and many husband/wife/family teams that have been with us for over ten years. Our staff is remunerated according to performance, and so our cleaners are personally invested & motivated to provide excellent service, and they take pride in their work!

A great article from the NY Times about smart ways to clean:

Don’t know where to start when tackling certain areas that sorely need cleaning? Read this article for some tips!