Why we don’t franchise

The search for a cleaning company to service your offices can be overwhelming. There are many options out there, and hiring a company you can trust is paramount. What is the difference between one company and another? How do you know which to choose?

From one business to another, we at Sunset Quality cleaning wish to relay the difference that a local, family-owned and operated business can provide.

Continuity of service and the establishment of long-term goals with our clients are our chief priority. We do not participate in janitorial franchising, a practice where companies acquire client contracts for the lowest possible price and then turn around to sell them to other parties.

Why we don’t franchise:

  • Franchising does not encourage high quality, long-term business relationships.

A franchising company will send a sales representative to meet you at your office and do a walk-through, giving the impression that you are choosing that person to service your account. However, after the initial meeting, you will likely never see that same representative. The franchisor will sell your account to other parties that are unknown to you.

  • The franchisor’s goal is not aligned with your goals as a client.

For the franchisor, there is an immediate benefit in selling the contract to their franchisee, often for thousands of dollars. This sale is the main source of revenue for the franchisor, and often leads to underbidding on the contract simply to get it. Continuity of service is only a secondary concern for the franchisor. Additionally, franchisors have an agreement with franchisees that they must replace a contract if it is lost. As a result, further underbidding on contracts occurs. The franchisor’s obligation to the franchisee is the main objective—not the service to the client.

The Sunset Quality Cleaning Difference

Martin Mysicka, the company’s founder, or one of his immediate family members, will come and meet you for the walk-through. If you choose our company, we will personally service your account for its duration. We make regular quality control visits to your site, easily accessible from our office in Kitchener-Waterloo.  In this way, we provide continuity of care to our clients and the opportunity to develop lasting, meaningful business relationships.

 Contact us at (519) 725-3232 or [email protected] for more information or to request a quote. Take care in your choice of company. With Sunset Quality Cleaning, you can trust you are in good hands.