Spring into cleaning!

Spring is here! What does this mean for cleaning?

Flowers in snow


After a typically long winter in Waterloo Region, we are all looking forward to the warmer weather arriving. Unfortunately, the spring season comes with constant weather fluctuations that can spell trouble for the cleanliness of office environments.


Below are some of the things to look out for when the spring season rolls in:


Ice storms are frequent during the Ontario spring season. As a result, city and building managers need to keep sidewalks and entrances safe with large quantities of salt. Of course, the salt does not stay put, and large amounts are tracked inside. This results in build up of salt granules as well as floor stains from water containing salt.

Thankfully, at Sunset Quality Cleaning we have state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to remove salt/salt stains and get your office looking its best! Ask us about our industrial vacuums, automated floor scrubbers, and winter detergent solutions. Whether you need office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, clinic cleaning, or other commercial cleaning, we have you covered!



The April showers which bring May flowers also turn grassy areas into thick mud. Mud is tracked over carpets and floors, leaving formerly pristine areas in need of a tune-up.

At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we offer affordable, tailored cleaning plans to keep your space looking its best. Our specialty services include floor refinishing and steam carpet cleaning. We are commercial building upkeep specialists!


Post-winter clean-up

Sometimes, the damage done to a space after the difficult winter weather is most evident when spring arrives. Carpets often get salt build-up over the long-term, especially if they are not regularly maintained.

We offer steam cleaning services to our clients. Try it today, and get your space looking brand new again!


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